Beijing Future

An even better picture is expected for the next decade. It is estimated that by the end of the this century, the Gross Domestic Products in terms of comparable price will have more than quadrupled that of 1980, increasing by an average annual rate of 9%. By then, Beijing residents will have been much better off. After deducting the factors of inflation, our actual consumptions level will have increased at an average annual rate of 4%. Our living conditions will be further improved. The per capita living space in townships will reach 9.5 square meters (equivalent to 14 square meters of usable floor area). Our means of subsistence will be more abundant, our cultural life more colorful and our fitness level a lot higher. We will enjoy a wider range of social services and a higher level of modern life.

Specific goals include:

A readjustment will be made in the economic structure by increasing the proportion of tertiary industry from the present 38.8% to 50%, and by developing the rural economy vigorously, with the annual grain output value of township enterprises reaching 41.5 billion yuan and the suburban area's total social output value reaching 100 billion yuan.

The reform and open policy will be further carried out through more economic and technological exchanges with foreign countries

More will be done for modernization, with cooking gas available to 95% of the urban households, and more than 1.8 million telephone sets for 35% of urban households. The Building of residential quarters will be sped up, and environmental protection work will be strengthened by developing pollution - free industries. By 2000, 60% of the city's solid wastes will be disposed of in a harmless way. Wider areas will be planted with trees. In the development of science, technology and education a professional personnel of about one million at intermediate and advanced levels will be trained from 1990-2000. Further steps will be taken to improve people's livelihood and social security. A total of 70,000 hospital beds will be provided by 2000.

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